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What's New? (last changed on: 28.8.95)

Notes on recent changes in and additions to these pages. You can also get an overview.

Work Page (last changed on: 11.03.95)

Contains everything I seriously work on. Sub-pages on ALDiSP, AL-2, and nML. Also contains my publication list. Many of the compiler- and programming-language-related links from the trash page and the linkpage will migrate to the work page tree.

Diverse Links

An un-annotated hot-list, now much reduced in size.

The Trash Heap and The Rant Space

The former is a heap of rather arbitrarily selected links and assorted stuff I like to keep around. Since many of the links are to pages I have not yet looked at, there are probably dozens of broken links in the hierarchy below. When I have the time (i.e., in some distant future), I will most carefully repair them. The latter is just what the name implies: a collection of rants.

HTML, SGML, And All That Stuff

A collection of links about HTML, SGML, and some related subjects. (27.03.95) Major edit; removed many old and/or stale links, reordered the rest.

Software Collection

I maintain a smallish collection of software packages. Some of these implement programming languages that interest me, others are interesting for the way they have been implemented. From time to time, the collection is purged.

Looks like I am slowly turning into a literary reviewer (more horrible a fate than anything Kafka ever thought of). First, I started collecting a few book reviews I saw on net, then I began writing a few sentences on the books I've recently read, or plan to read in the next days.

Navigational Aids

Here's how to reach me.

I think I have verified all links reachable from this page (Apart from those under the Trash page, of course). Mail me if you find a URLeak, or a particularly embarrassing typo.
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