How to Reach Me

WWW is the main location in Berlin, while is a copy of the main trees (w/, h/, t/, and an/) in Bielefeld. I plan to eventually store duplicates of all my WWW pages there. The WWW tree should be in existence for the next few years. These incredibly long names won't change in the foreseeable future; Bielefeld seems to have sysops of a somewhat bureaucratic persuasion. Even a full prof wasn't able to get me my normal login name!


I have a bunch of e-mail addresses with different idiosyncrasies:
is old prime address, I try to read it at least once a week. Don't know whether it will still exist a month from now.
is my new and current work address. Mail to this address doesn't always reach me; the ancient NeXT that polls the mail is not that solid. This will hopefully change when the bureau gets its new rooms, though.
is my extra address in Bielefeld. I don't read that mailbox very often.

TU Berlin physical location

Room FR 3515
cute diagram of where my room is in the FR building
When I work at the university (week-ends, mostly), I tend to be in this room between noon and midnight.


+49-30 is the (Germany/Berlin) prefix of the following numbers:
314 213 90 is the univsersity room FR3515, while
314 211 16 is a university fax that might eventually reach me. Finally,
873 25 23 is my private Uhlandstrasse number.
690 355 24 is the number that should reach me at my cubicle deep down in the coding mines, where I toil at the face of the raw assembly.

snail mail (university) (i.e., address to send job offers to)

Markus Freericks
TU Berlin
Sekr. FR 2-2
Franklinstr. 28/29
D-10587 Berlin (Germany)

snail mail (private) (i.e., address to send love letters to)

Markus Freericks
Uhlandstr. 70
D-10719 Berlin (Germany)