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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a rigged demo."
These are archaeological pages, transferred to my work site for amusement value only. The notes on this pages date from March 1995.
ALDiSP, the ALDiSP compiler, and AL-2

The language ALDiSP (Applicate Language for Digital Signal Processing), developed in 1989-90, combines functional elements with a unique construct for asynchronous real-time suspension of expression evaluation. ALDiSP is dynamically typed and has some baroque features like overloaded function application, predicate types, and run-time type assertions. A partially implemented compiler for ALDiSP exists. A streamlined successor to ALDiSP (dubbed AL-2) is under development.

(Work on ALDiSP is mostly finished and somewhat stagnant at the moment, but AL-2 is still unfinished and very lively.)

AI & PE,

A page on abstract interpretation and partial evaluation. Currently, almost empty; but there is stuff scheduled to appear here.

nML and nML-based tools

nML is a formalism for describing machine architectures. It was used in the CBC project, which was concerned with the creation of an automatically retargetable code generator for custom DSP's.

(These two pages are very old, mostly written in May '94, and therefore ghastly marked-up. Not much content, either - which is strange, since I probably work more (or at least, think more) about nML than most other projects I am currently involved in. One of these days I'll aquire a decent TeX-to-HTML converter, and use it on the nML report and assorted smaller papers that keeps floating around.)

Single-Assignment Languages (last changed on: 11.03.95)

Also known as first-order functional programming languages (yes, I know that there are fine differences, but IMHO those two are basically the same), these form an important field of the language world, that is however usually not very well known. I try to gather material on the most important of these languages.

Semantics(last changed on: 09.08.95)

Just a few links to pages on language semantics.

Annoteted Publications

An annotated list of all my published work.

(If i kept track of my non-published writings, I could probably fill a dozen such pages. In fact, I might do this. All this in the name of keeping organized.)

External Material
Things not written by me, which I like to keep around for reference purposes.

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