Standards, Norms, Definitions

Technology is introduced, utilized, depended upon, obsolete, standardized, and understood, in that order.
-- Martin Fouts (paraphrasing someone he couldn't remember)
After having written two language definitions (for ALDiSP and nML), I know that it isn't easy to describe the syntax and semantics of anything in a complete, understandable, and concise manner. I am therefore interested to snarf ideas wherever I find them. Possible sources are not only programming language descriptions, but also interface description languages, file formats, and all those other norms and interfaces that provide the infrastructure of our daily electronic life.

This page is rather small, since most of the material that might belong here is already present on the pages on (programming) languages and compilers.

The Internet is organized along RFCs; they are amongst the least-known standards that form our everyday electronic life. Here is a HTML version of the rfc-index. Oh yes, here is the list of abstracts of internet drafts.
(12.04.95) The UniForum WWW Server. Interoperability and all that.

Open SoftwareFoundation. More interoperability and all that.

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