Wasting Bandwidth

Pages that aren't worth looking them up. Why then do i list them?
(02.05.95) Supremely useless: Roberto's Candy Wrapper Collection (via David Keppel's Weak Site of the Week).
(12.03.95) Now i know what the Gregorian Reformation looks like.
Watch Dupree (the iguana).
(10.04.95) The Wearable Wireless Webcam.
The Profanity and Insult Server can be accessed on the World Wide Web at http://www.scrg.cs.tcd.ie/cgi-bin/profanity. Guaranteed to suck mouldy yoghurt through old tennis socks, or your money back.
Bryan O'Sullivan                email: bos@cyclic.com,  bosullvn@maths.tcd.ie
Department of Poverty           wuh wuh wuh:   http://www.scrg.cs.tcd.ie/~bos
Trinity College, Dublin         nous n'avons qu'un peu de mouton aujourd'hui.

The San Diego BayCam points to the bay of San Diego (well, that's obvious). It is refreshed half-hourly; the pictures come in different resolutions and sizes. To quote the author,
OK, this is nifty, but WHY?

Because it's a heck of a lot more interesting than a coffee pot, that's why!

(08.03.95) Dave's Funny Links contains links to cameras transmitting exciting live pictures from at least three coffee pots, one aquarium, one lava lamp, a refrigerator, and someone's toilet. Dave's homepage belongs to any serious "worst of" collection; it contains a nasty NetScapeEnHanceMent message, a useless imagemap, one one or two other obnoxious details.
Try out the anonymous message server.
talk to Michael Witbrock's cat (the cat's name is unknown. i assume it resides in Pittsburgh. ain't this a staggeringly useless way to use the 'net for novel high-tech applications never dreamt of before?)
Andi, this might interest you: a picture of jordan (?)
most of the above were culled from the useless pages page, a most useful page indeed.
NASA Ames Artificial Intelligence Research Branch presents: A WWW-browsable, zoomable and scrollable atlas of Mars , showing the locations (footprints) of thousands of high-resolution Viking Orbiter images.

The Martian Chronicle is also available on the World Wide Web.

Another map: CLICK HERE (if you can't click, you can't look at the map either!) to see the Bay of San Francisco (with not too much detail, at least on my monochrome screen).
You think couch potato-ing is bad? Look at the future!
(31.03.95) Vinal's WWW Wasteland
(22.03.95) The Twinkie Report is just plain silly.
(18.04.95) Studio 2000. Live cam, imagemap that maps to pictures of objects, best-of lists, a contest ... and all that without any hint of what "studio 2000" is about!
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