Substances Affecting the Structure or Function of the Body

(10.09.95) A Bit About Bhang: all you ever wanted to know about Bhang, Copied from a badly-photocopied leaflet from a government bhang shop in India.
Do not anticipate or analyse just enjoy. You will not seel drink elephants, jump off tall buildings or turn into an orange, and you will remember most of your experience in the morning.
I didn't even know Marijuana was legal in India.

The Piss List Home Page harbours a list of companies that force "war-against-drugs" or otherwise motivated urine tests on their employees, and a second list of companies that don't. From the Statement of Purpose: ``This list exists as a one man crusade (supported by a cast of thousands) against the current Government sponsored terrorism sometimes called the Drug War, and the resultant destruction of the Constitution.''

(19.02.95) The World Wide Weed
(10.04.95) End The Drug War!
(01.03.95) A Few Words on Polluting Precious Bodily Fluids Like most anything from Cosma, quite readable.
(21.03.95, also on my literature page)

PiHKAL, a review of it, and a page that tells a bit about both.

(05.03.95) No way to treat the mind, on "smart drugs".
The Dextromethorphan FAQ. Another cough syrup.
(24.03.95) Hyperreal, Ecstasy, HEMP B.C.. Looked at none of them yet.
(26.03.95) KAWUMM -- supposed to be Germany's first on-line Head Shop. Most pages only in German.
(26.03.95) drug user's page (that's their apostrophe, not mine!) Written entirely in German. (Was sind "Drogen in deutscher Sprache"?)
(26.03.95) Paranoia's Drug Information Server. Good index.
(26.03.95) The D R U G Z page at remindes me of my own trash pages.
(26.03.95) Mostly cannabis-related stuff: The Amsterdam HighMarket.
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