Typical visually-oriented sightseeing sites. If a friend with a T1 link asks you what the Web is all about, point her to one of these links...
(03.03.95) A classic: The Vatican Exhibit.
(04.03.95) Chief amongst the names of american cities i find funny is Memphis. That this very Memphis has an Institite of Egyptian Art and Archaeology is fitting. They have put some of their collection on-line. The usual promo-stuff (i guess they digitized an exhibit catalogue and re-typed the text parts).

(Now, if they could also put a few pages on sick design on-line...)

(04.03.95) PARIS and the (entirely different) obligatory Louvre.
(05.03.95) Not much to be seen yet, but still a Good Idea: one of the greatest tourist attractions of the U.S. of A. is the rampant violence that transcends its society and expresses itself most lucidly in its Serial Killers.
(04.04.95) An Art server down in Switzerland. Has a rather large collection of Giger pics.

(I am using his "Biomechanical Landscape" as a background screenshot. Many of his paintings look good when grayscaled or even b/w dithered.) (21.07.95: still exists.)

(08.04.95) Olin Shivers spent two years in Hong Kong and has written a few notes on living there. Be sure to read about his evening in a Karaoke bar.
(19.06.95) Nicolas Pioch's WebMuseum (What's New?)
(13.08.95) The Artslink Artist in Residence Program. Interesting: the "virtual gallery" approach. While somewhat wasteful, the "feeling" of it is quite different from that of an ordinary list-of-thumbnails WWW gallery.
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