Anything related to it. people, parties, belief systems. There is some overlap with religions. Maybe I should create a seperate page on Media and/or Censorship?
(29.08.95) Why is it that just about everything from the list of Items the censors don't want you to see doesn't bother me at all? (Ok, there are a few things under "Politics" that are really nasty, but all the rest is, to borrow a phrase, mostly harmless.)

Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.
--Thomas Edison
The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men.
--Leonardo Da Vinci
The Animal Rights Resource Site has hundreds of links and dozens of on-line essays on animal rights and related topics (such as vegetarianism and veganism). It even houses a Feminists for Animal Rights page. As an entry, I recommend reading the FAQ.

(I still search for a dedicated Peter Singer archive.)

In case you wonder: IMHO, most birds, fish and insect species are so dumb (= have such a shallow ``emotional life'') that I can eat them without undue moral problems. Not that I like termites.

Animal Rights index @ yahoo.

The Right Side of the Web: ``At last, a place on the Web to give equal time to make up for all of the socialism and moral anarchy (God bless 'em) you find on the Net.'' They Kid You Not! Contains links to places like D.C. Metro Prolife News/Events Line and The ProLife News.
You can find the Ronald Reagan Home Page at: http://www.erinet.com/bkottman/reagan.html

It actually exists! This page tries to cite statistics to show that Ronnie Reagan actually wasn't as bad for his country as all those liberals say. Sadly, his latest (and possibly last) press release is lacking.

Ha! Found it! the Oliver North Page!
Not necessarily the right place to look for state machine vs. push-down automata flame wars: the The Noam Chomsky Archive. The introduction claims that he is "one of the most prominent dissidents writing in the United States today, a severe, impassioned and consistent critic of US foreign policy". Ho-hum. Once upon a time, the term "dissident" meant something a bit more, well, radical. Or, as Cosma says so nicely: "As for his criticisms of the existing state of affairs, one should very much like to know how it has come to pass that many of those who feel qualified to judge intellectual eminence take it as a revelation that the United State of America is an imperial power which has committed, supported and denied atrocities all over the world, or that centralizing the news media in the hands of large, advertising-supported corporations, owned in whole or in part by other huge companies, leads to bias. These are important facts, of course, and they are news to many people. So are the facts of evolution and the age of the Earth, still unaccepted by approximately half of America's adults. It is meritorious work to teach them, but hardly a sign of unrivalled intellectual accomplishment."
Introducing the Marxism Page, with pointers to texts by Marx and other marxists, information about contemporary marxism and a WWW pamphlet on the basics of marxist politics, as well as some graphics and sounds. It also contains sound clips of "the internationale"! (which lets every soundtool on my machine dump core ;-)
(19.03.95) Propaganda Analysis Home Page / Table of Contents.

I never heard of it (PA, and the IPA) before; is this a sign of my general political innocence, or is the term just unknown outside of the US? The IPA is old (funded anno '37), I don't know what it did all those years, or who is currently behind it.
Also, to quote from their intro,

As Anthony Pratkanis and Elliot Aronson point out, "every day we are bombarded with one persuasive communication after another. These appeals persuade not through the give-and-take of argument and debate, but through the manipulation of symbols and of our most basic human emotions. For better or worse, ours is an age of propaganda."
To me, ``the manipulation of symbols and of our most basic human emotions'' is part, if not definition of, a process also known as "communication" ;-], and the "give and take" is always reduced in 1-to-n media such as TV, radio, or even ordinary books. (Not that I want to ridicule the point; but for me, "propaganda" has somewhat more sinister associations than just "appeals to the basics".) And to see propagandistical problems with the (information overload associated with the) internet is somewhat funny, since "classical" propaganda often depends on one-sided, centrally controlled media (again, Radio/TV), and decentralized media (samizdat) are a tool against propaganda (ok, they are themselves propaganda, i know, but you know what i mean, no?).

I also never heard of the ``seven basic propaganda devices: Name-Calling, Glittering Generality, Transfer, Testimonial, Plain Folks, Card Stacking, and Band Wagon''. Besides describing these, there is a section on logical fallacies, and some examples (from WWI, and some current US sources).

The texts on this site are small enough to give them as one-afternoon homework to a school class, and they look like they are designed with such an audience in mind.

The essay on US-internal propaganda in WWI is interesting, and provides info on a subject i didn't know anything about before.

some pages also arrived in a truncated form?! might be some obscure time-out problem.


(21.03.95) Political Science Resources
(24.03.95) Marxism Archive. (Marxism Discussion List Archive, really)
(24.03.95) huge collection of radical ezines (electronic magazines) -- left and right

The monthly Journal for Paatriotic Justice in America has opened a page on the Oklahoma Bombing. Contains such fascinating material as a statement by the Libertarian author L. Neil Smith.

(26.04.95) The Girvies Davis' Clemency Home Page. Girvies Davis is a man scheduled for execution on May 17, judged on the basis of a doubtful confession (in which he does not even confess to the murder, only to being an accessory). The murder happened in 1978; since then Davis seems to have caught religion. Apart from the usual problems associated with the death penalty - how to prove beyond doubt the guilt of the penalized? -, this also shows a special US problem: if a death candidate sits in a prison for 10 years or more, the person that is killed by the state might be entirely different from the person judged years ago. I am not a total enemy of the death penalty, but my standards of proof far exceed those of US juries: i propose that "guilty beyond doubt" only applies to cases in which it can be shown that noone else could have performed the crime in question.

(18.05.95) As i read in today's taz, Davis has been executed.


spg-l homepage: Free Mumia Abu-Jamal! is a similar thing. You need netscape to read it, it heavily uses tables that come out totally mangled on Mosaic-2.5.

(26.04.95) LifeLinks, a page with links to "pro-life" resources.
(13.05.95) DeathNet - ``an international library specializing in all aspects of death and dying''. Material on euthanasia, assisted suicide, "right to die" discussions, pointers to online obituaries, etc. I first saw a reference to DeathNet in an Eye feature on 'net misrepresentation in the established media. Read DN's own telling of the story: Media = distortion / Internet = truth.
(22.06.95) The Church of Euthanasia home page. (Slogan: The One Commandment: "Thou Shall Not Procreate." The Four Pillars: suicide - abortion - cannibalism - sodomy) Warning to the PC-challenged: them pages heavily use cynical satire & other rhetorical means that might not come across unharmed over the 'net.

The Nation of Hawai`i invites you to learn about the restoration of 
Hawaii's independence and sovereignty!

Please visit the Nation's Web site, containing the legal foundation for 
independence, current and historical information, news articles, policy 
statements, images, and other features.


Or use our automated document retrieval system by sending a message to 
info@hawaii-nation.org.  You will receive an index of available files 
(including the United State's Apology for the illegal overthrow of 
Hawaii in 1893), and simple instructions on how to retrieve them.

        Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka `Aina I Ka Pono
The Sovereignty of the Land is Perpetuated in Universal Balance

         /                              \
        /        Executive Office        \
       /         Nation of Hawai'i        \
      /   P.O. Box 80, Waimanalo, Hawaii   \
      \   voice: 808/259-5049 or 259-7152  /
       \          fax: 808/259-9542       /
       /                                  \
      /       exec@hawaii-nation.org       \
      \  http://hawaii-nation.org/nation/  /             
       \                                  /
        \     info@hawaii-nation.org     /
         \                              /
         A     L       OOOO  H    H     A
        A A    L      O    O H    H    A A
       A   A   L      O    O HHHHHH   A   A
      AAAAAAA  L      O    O H    H  AAAAAAA
     A       A LLLLLL  OOOO  H    H A       A
Are they for real?
(31.05.95) The militia movement seems mainly to be hung up about the Weaver Debacle (aka "Ruby Ridge") and Waco.

Finally, there is a Oklahoma Bomb Conspiracy Page!

(26.08.95) Urgh. I am tempted to create a special file (what the hell is the best translation of "Giftschrank", as applied to book collections?) for links like these. Still, if you want to know where to find stuff like this, here is a link to "The Zündelsite". Be warned: some ugly holocaust-denial awaits you there.
(03.07.95) From the Cato Institute: New Age Comstockery: Exon vs the Internet explains the legal roots of the Exon law, namely the ``Comstock laws'' of 1865, and the FCC ``indenceny'' jurisdictions.

European Union

(15.06.95) European Union & Internet, a page of links (Organizations of European Union / Official information / EU-Referendums in Scandinavia / Less official information / European Union Research and Development activities / Other EU-pages / Usenet newsgroups / Mailing lists / Clickable maps of Europe)

(15.06.95)European Union Basics (FAQ), as posted regularly to eunet.politics, alt.politics.ec, talk.politics.misc, alt.answers, talk.answers and news.answers: `` basic questions and answers about the European Union''

(15.06.95)Europa, a European Commission service offering user-friendly and interactive information on the European Union's goals, institutions and policies (sections: The European Commission / On the Agenda / News Wire / Europe ABC: A guide to EU policies / Euro-Info-Sources )

There is also a nice section on Euro-Myths.

(15.06.95) Information Market - EUROPE, ``An initiative of Directorate-General XIII of the EC to provide the World Wide Web with information about Europe and the European electronic information market.'' Looks flashy

(15.06.95) EUROPOLE: ``The association EUROPOLE European Forum has been created to prepare the organization of a future european exhibition by high schools and universities students.''

In French, English, German.

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