Pearls (before Swine)

(reverted to the state of March, 19)

This should be a section of links to pages that contain really interesting, high-quality contents. Strangely, (strangely?) there is nearly nothing to be found here. There is enough material out there that is funny, interesting, obscure, or otherwise noteworthy; but it takes more to be a pearl.

(04.04.95) The responses to the Wile E. Coyote question are hilarious. Everything from existentialist psychoanalysis (``The Road Runner is not real. He doesn't exist at all, except as a resident of the Coyote's hostile, barren internal mental landscape. '') to capitalism's Pyrrhus victory over communism (``We think communism is dead and buried. We think we have succeeded in killing the Roadrunner. We have purchased our ACME anvil and we have dropped it on the communist threat. Now, I suggest we take a moment to look around and notice that we are standing on a little piece of cliff suspended in mid-air.'').
(12.03.95) B1FF#S K3WL H0M3 PAG3!!! is, well, hysterical. Some old jokes were recycled in a creative new fashion (e.g., in the credit card rating menu). The pages B1FF links to are quite, well, interesting, too.
(22.02.95) Stev0's Rant of the Week (there is an archive of old rants).
(04.03.95) The Gargoyle Home Page has everything i crave: genuine material (instead of lotsa lame links) and an unusual thematic focus.
The Superguy Home Page. Superguy is [..] ``a collection of ongoing storylines based in a single shared universe. This is a universe with super heroes, super villains, nefarious plots, cunning plans and more undead talk show hosts than you can shake a stick at. It is silly. It is funny. It is strange. It is a place where SPAM can transport you to an alternate reality, a place where Hell(tm) is a corporate entity with its own cable TV network, and a place where the Buffalo Bills could actually win the Superbowl.''
(12.03.95) For the historically interested: UUCP/USENET Logical Map as of June 1, 1981.
(05.03.95) The Cherry Corporation, especially Cherry Cherry Communications' "mini-mags". The description of the "Pocket Guide To Theory" cracked me up. Strangely (strangely?), it even provides quite useful definitions! (I checked maybe a dozen). And then there is this up-to-date description of the German intellectual scene:
Germany has enjoyed a rich history of intellectual debate. The German dialectic tradition is still in full effect, as many a long night are spent with a stein of good beer in one hand, and a book in the other
(from the names to know section).
(03.03.95) Repent! in the Confession Booth. (Havent looked at the scroll of sin yet, it's so damn large. oops, profanity.)
(02.03.95) Macho Man (I never really knew what machismo is supposed to be. Now I know. I still don't want any part of it.)
The best of the RISKS mailing list. BTW, one version of the famous "F16 equator flip" can be found in Volume 3: Issue 44 (14 August 1986).
Idea Futures -- yet another Delphi, with a slight Canadian tint.
The ``Standards of the Comics Code Authority for editorial matter as originally adopted'' These are of historic relevance, (unintentionally) funny, and rather short.
Then there is the ever-fascinating World of Leader Kibo. The creation story is charming. The interactive christmas story is inspired.
Eye.NET's necrofile and Stupid Net.Coverage Media Awards page
(From an article in EYE):

Nevada-based SCHWA provides the finest line of alien defence products found on this planet. To better serve humanity, SCHWA has a multimedia Internet site at

It's definitely worth a visit.

The annals of the 1994 Loebner Prize Competition in Artificial Intelligence.
Justin's Links from the Underground.
(03.04.95) The L.Detweiler archive.
(03.04.95) A comprehensive Net.tshirt page.
(04.04.95) Happynet Proclamation & Manifesto, worth a reading, if alone for the ``examples of infractions against the unwritten rules of HappyNet, and the punishments the NSPF will bring against the villains''. I want a Sony rnman! (I already have an Apple manman.)

The MircoSoft Hate Page. Not much text, but many pictures.


Visit Leslie's World O'Chicks and her Troquista Home Page (still growing: the Gallery of Phallic Architecture).

(06.01.96) Archimedes (nee Ludwig) Plutonium has now a home page! This page is part of the Trash Heap.