Operating Systems

Can't live with them, can't live without them. Some papers from the language section should really move here.

There is also a separate Plan 9 page.

(18.04.95) A good list of OS mini synopses & starting points: Patrick Bridges' page on Current Operating Systems and OS-related research.
:I am interested in an overview of what exactly is a microkernel and what
:are its pros and cons; can anybody point me to some info?  Maybe a
:document on an ftp site?    

There's a discussion on this in:

ftp.qnx.com:/pub/papers/qnx-paper.ps.Z   "An Architectural Overview of QNX"

Some of the other papers there provide additional detail as well.

(10.04.95) Witness the clash of giants! In 1992, Andy Tanenbaum and Linus Torvalds had a discussion on the relative merits of MINIX vs. Linux.
(10.04.95) The Amoeba Distributed Operating System has been under development (and is in use) for some years now. Amoeba is thoroughly distributed.
(10.04.95) Multics Home page. May it rest in peace.
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