Intentional Creation of Acoustic Phenomena

(21.03.95) Today is JSBachs 310th birthday! Remind me to put the Glenn Gould records on the 'player when I get home.
The stack below my CD player currently contains: "Mummer" (XTC), "Ten Summoner's Tales" (Sting), "Vienna Concert" (Keith Jarret), "Raw Like Sushi" (Neneh Cherry), "Diva" (Annie Lennox) "Under the Pink" (Tori Amos), and "Debut" (Björk, here are the lyrics).

(Funny thing: I bought the Björk CD the morning after seeing her performing "The Anchor Song" live on MTV (cultural imperialism at work!). The CD in my backpack, I arrived at the university, only to meet my co-worker, Andreas, who had also seen her on MTV (synchronized channel hopping ?!), and deemed the "Anchor Song" to be the most off-putting thing he heard in months! Talk about differing tastes.)

The radio next to lenin is set to 96Mhz (even after the Stasi connections of Radio Brandenburg's Frühstücksdirektor have been exposed). The "Musicszene auf Radio Brandenburg" (self-characterization: "undogmatic") is about the best afternoon music program available in Berlin.

If you are interested in more such totally useless information, look at the canonical compilation of Useless WWW Pages. Dozens of CD and tape lists, net-connected CD players and loos, IguanaCams and mouse statistics...

You don't belive I am co-author of two articles published by MIT Press? Look up the table of contents of CMJ 15:2

(sins of youth, really ;-)

(22.03.95) The greatly expanded Cthulhu Hymnal.
In an ongoing effort to centralize information about computer-music software and to expedite coordinated progressive research in general, the ICMA is developing an online Software Library on the Internet.

The Library was initiated by Roger Dannenberg of Carnegie Mellon University and is located at Dartmouth College under the joint sponsorship of Jon Appleton, Director of the Graduate Program in Electro-Acoustic Music at Dartmouth College, and the ICMA. Robert Newcomb, an independent composer/researcher, is acting as Software Librarian.

The Library is stored on a Dartmouth College UNIX machine in the form of several textfiles. It is available for downloading via anonymous FTP from host (IP Address, directory pub/ICMA- Library, by email through ftpmail, and on the WWW at URL (04.03.95) besides sight-seeing, you can also do some sound-hearing on the net. As on the Kate Bush Musical Extravaganza, which also features some Elvis Costello, The Yellowjackets (never heard of them before), Enigma, The Cranberries and Belly (?). For an evening when no-one else is in the room to complain about the nose, and when the bandwidth is there to access several Mbyte-sized sample files.

(06.04.95) St. Alphonzo's Pancake Homepage has everything the Zappa-phile needs.
(04.03.95) Music around the worl contains an meta-index of music-related sites, and some more digitized pieces.
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