Exchange of Genetic Information and Social Phenomena Related to It (aka, Sex)

2 x 10^{15}   bits s^{-1}  Sexual reproduction genetic information 
                           transmission rate
-- from Niel Brandt's " Scales of Measurement" list, Version 1.7. (He doesn't mention that it takes 9 months to uncompress the information ;-)
"Their jaws ground in feverish mutual mastication. Saliva and sweat. Sweat and saliva. There was a purposeful shedding of clothing."
-- The passage of Philip Hook's book "The Stonebreakers" that clinched his victory of the Bad Sex Prize, a British award for the worst description of sex in a novel.
(01.04.95) All links verified/updated; half a dozen new ones added.
Are you sure you want to look at this stuff? Mightn't it be better to look at some Fine Upstanding Links?


This is just to good to miss: Canadian governmental standards on Excessive Ejaculation.

(29.03.95/10.07.95): still there)

(01.04.95) The InterSex, Inc. Adult Arena is a quite comprehensive resource list.
(09.10.95) As part of the Mad Science Conference, here is a paper on Things Man Was Not Meant To Know In the Biblical Sense (the title alone made me laugh aloud for a minute)
The first part of foreplay is locating your partner's errogenous zones and stimulating them. This can require the advice of a zoologist, xenobiologist or mechanic.
Much too short and disorganized, though.
(01.04.95) Finally found it: Mark Twain's Some Thoughts on the Science of Onanism, featured by Little Suzy's Slippery When Wet.

(17.04.95)Moved to a new server.

"Football players, like prostitutes, are in the business of ruining their bodies for the pleasure of strangers."
-- Merle Kessler
The World Sex Guide (What's New?) a.k.a. the FAQ, focuses on prostitution all over the world and consists mainly of a collection of reports which appeared in, the prostitution newsgroup.

(29.03.95: The Guide is under steady maintenance; the (originally somewhat heavy-handed) markup has improved over time, and the whats new section has been made a separate page.) (10.07.95: still there and expanding)

(30.03.95): The RFD for a group talk.sexuality.prostitution could kindle a nice little flame fest. But then, it is always hard to predict what proposals are ``controversial''.

(28.03.95) Julian Hurt is a ``middle-aged pierced and tattooed leather/SM queer'', and his homepage contains links that reflect his interests.
(12.03.95/10.07.95) Attack Of The Cyber-Weenies
``I stared at the screen, awestruck, overcome by flashbacks of grade school and pictures of naked women carved into desktops with ball-point pens.''

(17.04.95/10.07.95: URL leicht verändert) Der Beate Uhse WWW Server ist wieder on-line. Diese Sprache! Stellenweise fühle ich mich in einen Aufklärungsfilm versetzt (ob mir das "Große Buch der Perversionen" eine Übersetzung von "to felch" geben kann, komplett mit A. Crowley-Quellenangabe? ;-), woanders in ein Fachgeschäft für Kleintierzüchter ("Paarungs-Pakete"?!).
The Playboy WWW Server sometimes contains things of interest, such as an interview with Bill Gates (IMHO, the 1963 interview with Malcolm X is more interesting. But I might change my mind if anyone shoots Bill.) As to be expected, the pics (1 (one words: one!) nude playmate per month!) are nothing to get excited about.

(29.03.95: The Malcolm X interview is currently unavailable, the Bill Gates interview was re-installed.)

I use this link as the default in my sole imagemap. Of course, this is only funny if people miss an item and the browser shows the names of the links it loads.
And, of course, Blowfish and its Sexuality Information Center, which provides a two-level index to web resources.

(still there on: 29.03.95)

Excelsior's Sex Shop is probably best known for its Oral Sex guide.

(01.04.95: updated link)

(16.02.95) Do you want to know Why The Internet Is Like A Penis? Damn, I have read this before, but can't find the reference...
I don't know what brand of condom *you* use, but I know what Elf recommends.

(01.04.95: added the Sheath File reference.)

The list of a countries or locales where adult material is specifically prohibited by law.

(existed on: 07.02.95) (still existing, but with lousy connectivity, on: 19.02.95)

Ok, everyone wants to know where them pornographic pictures are. There, for example (Nothing fancy, just a bunch of nekkid men), or Shane's quite educative Male Art Gallery -- "educative" as in "I always thought the 14-inch cock to be a figure of speech" (be warned -- you might be offsended by the indicently blinking warnings on each page; I found them quite annoying). Somehow, gay porn pages seem to have a longer half-life than straight vanilla ones.
The Pit of Ultimate Sin seems to have disappeared, without any info as to its new whereabouts.
(01.04.95) The Society for Human Sexuality is a new ``student organization at the U of Washington devoted to acceptance and understanding of all sexual orientations and all consensual and safe sexual practices''. Mostly links to elsewhere. Amongst the endemic material, such fascinating things as information about where to get BDSM supplies in Seattle (?!).
(01.04.95) The Prurient Home Page contains not only the usual number of dead links, but also (that's a first, i think!) some links described as ``dunno''.
The Safer Sex Page.

(01.04.95: still there)

(08.03.95) Sights from Texas A&M has mostly curiosity value re the way of its creation.

(01.04.95: still there, now featuring an interview.)

Don't know whether the term "queer" is kosher, but this "massive archive of files about everything queer" is called the Queer Resources Directory.

(01.04.95: still there)

BTW, i have to let loose my number one association re: the term "queer". Ever heard the joke about that old british colonel who -- we all know the british are eccentric (btw, just imagine this joke playing a hundred years back in india or some such place) -- now lives on a tree, with a baboon (or was it a gorilla?) as his sole companion? You want to know whether it was a male or a female baboon? Well, a female, of course -- he was only strange, but not queer!


At Mrs. Silks Magazine For Crossdressers you can, amongst other attractions, order a video that give ``step by step'' instructions on how to ``transform a macho male into a convincingly sensuous female and submissive maid''.

Very British. Indeed, I have seen the term "English vice" being used for the whole spanking/domination business. Me, I never understood what's the fun about it.


The Gentle Place is a collection of large, IMHO rather tasteful gifs of women in diverse poses (ranging from merely decorative to bondage themes) linked by a rather threadbare narrative. You need a lot of bandwidth.

(01.03.95) Now here we have a truly shocking exhibit, violating every principle of common decency. (04.03.95) Thematically related: the Plastic Princess Freak Circus.

(True cultural icons and all that.)

(01.04.95) The original boring list of positions: excerpts from the Kama Sutra as an un-annotated text file. Diagrams might be helpful. Also has a section on aphrodisiaca. Honey and pepper i can accept (even if it should make for somewhat sticky fun), but wasp stings?!
(01.04.95) For Your Eyes Only..... is a collection of pages ``dealing with [the] adult entertainment scene'', whatever that may be.
(01.04.95) It was high time for someone to compile it.... the KIDDIE-PORN FAQ! (prepared by "Father Guido Sarducci (")

(In case you look for the real thing [TM] - sorry, the FAQ is actually a rant on censure, targeted at american readers.)

(01.04.95) On the 'net, you learn something new every day. What do you know about the etiquette related to glory holes?
(05.04.95) Charles Haynes Radical Sex page.
(05.04.95) Only indirectly sex-related: bodyart FAQ
There was a young sailor from Brighton
Who remarked to his girl, "You're a tight one."
      She replied, "'Pon my soul,
      You're in the wrong hole;
There's plenty of room in the right one."
Interested in more Limericks?

(Avoid the "King Henry" stuff if you have problems with necrophilia.)


(17.04.95) A long list of Sexual Job Descriptions: From ``AI hackers do it depth first'' down to ``Zoologists do it with animals''. After the second screenfull, they get pretty boring.
(11.04.95) Christian Singles On-Line

or should that be filed under "religion"?

Related: the Struggling with pornography page. IMHO, reponse 3 is sick. (Found that one via the Dealing with Pornography site.)

(18.04.95) A promotional site for Richard Zacks' book History Laid Bare. Lousy mark-up; but at least he tries to debunk the Catherine myth.
(27.04.95) Antworten zum Thema Intimrasur.

Wie sagte es doch Heinz-Werner so schön:

Wenn Du's persoenlich noch nicht kennst: Unbedingt ausprobieren! IMO sieht das ganze so albern aus (natuerlich nur bei mir :-), dass man von dem Tag an wirklich in der Lage ist, seine eigene Wichtigkeit in Frage zu stellen.
Womit er IMHO völlig recht hat.
(29.04.95) Wort des Tages: Hetenpech.
I looked into her face and I could see myself in 20 years. She had red hair, and a body that wouldn't quit. Her skates were totally bitchen. I coveted them.
(15.07.95, I resisted the temptation to put this onto my "religion" page) Does SubGeniism count as a real religion? Nope, sorry. Anyway, the story of The Origins of the Little Sisters of the Perpetually Juicy shows how the Mystic Roller Maidens from Outer Space ("Connie", "Ethyl", and "Juicy") help transform Mutha into an Uberfemme.
(05.08.95) The Girl's Guide to Geek Guy, while marked as humour, is quite on target.
All geeks harbor a secret fantasy about meeting some girl in cyberspace, carrying on an e-mail romance in which he has the chance to combine an activity he is comfortable with, computing, with one he is very uncomfortable with, socializing.

(03.10.95) Cold Boring Painful Sex lists some of the stranger things people get excited about. Don't try these at home kids.
Tried for weeks to find a decent last entry; how about that?

She begged and she pleaded for more.
I said, "We've already had four,
      And I'm sure that you've heard,
      Though its somewhat absurd,
That eros spelt backwards is sore."

(07.01.96) Television X, a UK-based porn channel. Only noteworthy due to the line "to continue, press a tit".
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