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pages i haven't yet time to look at in detail, or who don't fit into any of the above categpries. Most of them might be gone tomorrow, or moved to a differnt section. [Currently, Mosaic manages to crash my X server once or twice a day, so i like to keep links in a written form.]
From: (Andrew Hume <9234-81373> 0112710)
Subject: tcs
Organization: AT&amp;T Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ
Date: 27 Mar 1995 15:33:17 MET
for those interested, a new edition of tcs, a character set converter, has been made available via anonymous ftp at; the file is plan9/unixsrc/tcs.shar.Z

it incoprorates numerous mapping table changes and several bug fixes sent in by users. any comments etc should be sent to

andrew hume

nj's Web Strands
The ALIWEB Project. (another web cartography attempt)

Fragile Liquid, aka, Pictures! by V-X. Also contains That "Rave Dhodes" Thing.

Stev0's "Hot" List

The Web Developer's Virtual Library so-so.


Saint Java

UWI's What's Hot & Cool (medium -- i hate pix, non-customized -- those damn jumping buttons aren't much fun either).

"Mitch" (physics student in australia. i have to read "Beables for Quantum Gravity", and "Bohmian Quantum Mechanics and the Heisenberg Picture" some day.)

(04.03.95) The Computer Writing and Research Lab ``operates computer assisted classes for the Division of Rhetoric and Composition and the Department of English at the University of Texas at Austin.'' You might want to disable images before following this link, cause there is an AAGRASGAGGGHH! IMAGEMAP!!! on the page. They also use "h4" for small writing.

Strange Interactions. I'll have to wait an evening with free lines and a colour monitor to look at them pix.

(04.03.95) The WELL

(04.03.95) The World According to Jocelyn

(04.03.95) Other people keep trash pages, too, only they name them STUFF.

(04.03.95) Future Home of the Great American Novel(tm) (SCOTTspace)

(04.03.95) Kimball Hall, "the third Stanford Dorm on the Web".

(04.03.95) local copy of unix-horror-stories is here

(27.2.95) I am a satisfied customer of A word a day.

Check out and follow the links to Ariadne. Ariadne is a web browser being designed by OSF which is implemented in Talk, a Lisp dialect. You can get more information about Talk from Ilog's web server at To repeat, *Talk is a Lisp dialect!* :^)
Haven't looked at it in depth. There is no obvious link to anything Talk-related on the front page or the one overview/project mission page I looked at. Maybe tonight, when the tides of bandwidth are more fortunate.
(11.03.95) The X Consortium is working on a platform independent, distributed (CORBA), GUI and structured graphics library called Fresco. Fresco supports multi-threading on Win NT and MT Unix's. Check it out in X11R6.

Since Fresco's interface (API) is defined in OMG IDL, Fresco can be used from several languages. The `servers' in the X11R6 sample implementation are written in C++. We are working on an Ada95 implementation. Even C++ and Smalltalk programmers will be able to use our `nice language' version. ;-)

Fujitsu maintains a nice web page on Fresco:

Looks like a decently-maintained server (Clean layout, unobstrusive Netscapisms that mostly coincide with proposed 3.0 extensions) that holds lots of informations. Dozens of development programmer have online pages. Technical documents (specs, drafts, ...) galore.

(15.03.95) Jorn Barger's Robot Wisdom home page. Please don't ask me what it is about; but Joice, AI, and a critique of NetNews culture are part of it.
(16.03.95) There was lots of talk about TRON when it started in the '80s as a Japanese government-supported project aimed at producing a new series of standard systems. Now it's no longer the talk of the town, but there's some information at the following URL:

Wasn't TRON also the name of the 5th-generation-stuff? Prolog, TAO, and the 127-byte-opcode machine? I haven't yet looked into this link.

(16.03.95) The Black Hole of the Web needs Netscape >1.1 to suck you in.
(17.03.95) Kaleida's Web site address is: Go to the "What's New" section at the bottom of the page and click on "Download a free copy of the Kaleida Media Player" and on "ScriptX Examples." Can't test the player, as it's for Windows and Macs only (I somehow don't think that my teeny PB100 is the right target platform;-)
(18.03.95) HOMR (aka RINGO++) is a music-rating service. I don't know how its internals works, but the idea is as following: you put in a list of your favourite artists, and get a list of pieces you might like. Of course, when I first tried it, i got only empty answers. Some functions are not yet implemented. Also, the frequent time-out errors get on my nerves. (Physics Around the World: Jobs, Postdocs & Summer Jobs)

WWW related jobs


(Job Junction Home Page)

Illuminati Online Home Page (nice lettering!)
(26.03.95) The Web Developer's Journal
(18.03.95) The UseNet Volunteer Votetakers (aka, the Knights who say ACK!) Information Center has info on all those boring details related to the newsgroup creation process that you never wanted to hear about.
(28.03.95) Doug Jones's DEC PDP-8 index
Join the Coalition to Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide!
(21.04.95) FringeWare Inc.'s Online Catalog