The whole web is DADA, but some sites are more DADA than others. Therefore, this category is almost entirely useless. Still, i had to install it when i found that i had described three independent entries as "dadaistic".
(26.09.95) Futurist Programming, by Paul Haeberli and Bruce Karsh. Yes, I know, futurism is not at all the same as DADA, but I didn't want to open a page of its own just for one link, so I put it where it fit best.

Tristan Tzara's Eighth Symphony, or How Dada came to me in the form of this self-contained manifesto is just that.

(05.03.95) Putrid Afterthought. Opulent pictures, mostly montage/morphing-based. In contrast to most everything else on the Web, they are quite competently made. Makes you think about what the DADAists wouldt have created if they lived today. The artist seems to have a fixation with genitals and american public figures, which makes most of the pictures not very ``shocking'' to someone like me. Now, if he made fun of people I respect (like, eh,... Dennis Ritchie, or, Umberto Eco) by associating them with things I abhor (like, fascism or the KKK or televangelism), i might react differently. (Don't tell him, it might give him ideas ;-) The site also contains some putrid (i.e., stale) links.
Find the Spam has a nicely dadaistic touch.
(03.04.95) Speaking of Dada, Dada Productions Inc. has unveiled its no-longer-experimental Dada Server.
(09.04.95) The Surrealism Server also contains pages on Futurism. It is just one part of the Jardin Mechanismé, a site that evades description.

Latter-day Dada is called Fluxus, or did I misunderstand something again? (If you have the time, load the menu map (45k). While I am an avowed imagemap-hater, the subject merits a picture, and this map is executed quite nicely.)

(09.04.95) I can't classify it any better, and it has a page on dada (actually, a 1918 manifesto) in it, so I can rightfully put the Flightless Hummingbird on this here DADA page.

Monty Cantsin's Seven By Nine Squares is a collection of Neoist texts and hyper-texts. I am Monty Cantsin, and I know it. You are Monty Cantsin, even if you don't know it, or don't admit to it.

IMHO, Neoism is post-DADA, post-Fluxus; DADA critizises society, Merz language, and Fluxus art (? don't know enough about it); Neoism is concerned with identity.

(18.06.95) And I thought I knew them all! Some brilliant texts can be found in the astonishingly on-topic (if this is possible) newsgroup alt.non.sequitur, which I once judged to be a mere rhetoric device to be used in followup-announcements. Compared to these articles, talk.bizarre is outright square!

Long before dinosaurs, there were electric lightbulbs, roaming free on the prairies.

(19.06.95) Kurt Schwitters at the WebMuseum.
(12.09.95) Hakim Bey. Ok, he doesn't represent classic dada, but his works have the feeling.
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