Places, People, Projects


Uni Oldenburg, Computer Science Department
Uni Bielefeld, Technische Fakultät
TU Berlin, FB 13 (ehem. FB 20)
FLP / UEBB ( hotlist ) / SWT
FIRST (parallel systems)
FOKUS (open communication systems)
FIT.KI (artificial intelligence)


Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam
Leiden Univ. (Math/CS)
ETH Zürich:
Technical University of Madrid, Department of Telematic Systems Engineering:
The IMEC, Belgium


University of York
The University of Manchester's Department of Computer Scienc
Oxford University Computing Laboratory
Cambridge (Computer Lab)
Edinburgh ( CS Dept. )
Glasgow: Department of Computing Science
There is a large page on Functional Programming at Glasgow.
Technical University of Nova Scotia, School of Computer Science
Gary R. Burrell (works with nML)

United States

Would a distinction between east and west coast help?


Carnegie Mellon
U Washington, Computer Science & Engineering
Andrew W. Appel ( SML/NJ )
ICSI (located in Berkeley)
Ptolemy Project (Berkeley)
John Reeke
Stanford ( home pages )


Microsoft Research (lousy connectivity, even on weekends)
AT&T Bell Laboratories Computing Research
Sun Microsystems (research departments)
DEC Research
SR International (Computer Science Laboratory)
Dataflow and Intensional Programming (GLU/LUCID)
Formal Methods (with a list of sponsors!)
Security Research (Peter G. Neumann work(s|ed) there!)
Xerox PARC ( other Xerox research centres / EuroParc TRs )
Dan Hildebrand
Netscape (people)


List of Researchers in Programming Languages and Compilers

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