While I am not a regular reader of comics (they are so darn expensive! regular books give more reading hours for the buck), they fascinate me as being at the "cutting edge" of graphical work. Here are some comix-related resources.
Have you seen Ron Mann's Comic Book Confidential?

Then you might remember the Standards of the Comics Code Authority for editorial matter as originally adopted, brought to you as part of Omni's page on comics, fittingly dubbed Seduction of the Innocent.

He has also created a very nicely marked-up version of Jabberwocky, complete with the section of Alice that explains the words.

(It causes me pain to write this, but the illustrations do look better on NetScape.)

Tool User Comics

(22.03.95: still there)

Pointers to Comic resources at Yahoo.

(22.03.95: still there)

There exists a collection of material on Ĉon Flux. Amongst them an an interview with the designer, Peter Chung. To answer the most important question up front:
``For those of you wondering if there is, or ever will be, an Ĉon Flux comic book, Chung offers a firm "no". "I did a two-page comic once, animation's far more satisfying to me." he explains. He emphasises that Ĉon Flux is purely cinematic and wouldn't translate well to comics.''

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