(22.09.95) YLEM is not only the name of my student project (a Scheme interpreter on top of a real-time Forth system (FORMULA), originally developed by David P. Anderson and Ron Kuivila to control music performances via MIDI signals), but also the name of a San Francisco-based artists' organization.

(22.09.95)Art on the Net, a generally well-organized site. I Have Met the Enemy I Have Bad News is a good anti-Exxon article.

(22.09.95) The Place. Good visual identity, even if it looks a bit ET-ish (as in, Electronic Telegraph). Also, the layout is designed for smaller fonts than mine.

(19.07.95) Metamute / Mutation

(19.07.95) C@C ``is an application for the World Wide Web where contemporary art can be created, viewed, discussed, and purchased.''

(24.09.95) Die Kunstahlle in Emden.

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