Semantics? What does that mean?

This page contains a collection of pointers to semantical theories of programming languages. Created to house the link to the Action Semantics page, I gather that more will come in the future. There are dozens of different formalisms and styles of semantics out there, and the differences can be subtle to the point of non-existence.

Semantics' Home Pages

(08.08.95) There exists a page Action Semantics. The name to drop is P.D.Mosses, although there seems to be a living community of researchers, mailing list and all.


(08.08.95) Programming Language Semantics Research at Kansas State University

working on Stackability of functional and imperative languages,, Full Abstraction and the Applied Typed Lambda Calculus PCF, Applications of type theory to algorithm design and programming in-the-large, Computational aspects of classical linear logic. The page contain links to most of their papers.