List of Publications


Markus Freericks, Alois Knoll:
ALDiSP - eine applikative Programmiersprache für Anwendungen in der digitalen Signalverarbeitung,
Forschungsberichte des Fachbereichs Informatik Nr. 1990/9, TU Berlin, 147pp.

Alois Knoll, Markus Freericks:
Aldisp - An Applicative Real-Time Language for DSP Programming,
CIT/IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Beijing, 1990


Rupert C. Nieberle, Stefan Koschorrek, Lutz Kosentzy and Markus Freericks:
CAMP: Computer-Aided Music Processing,
Computer Music Journal Vol. 15 No. 2 (Summer 1991)

Rupert C. Nieberle and Markus Freericks:
Extending an Interactive Music Environment,
Computer Music Journal Vol. 15 No. 2 (Summer 1991)

Alois Knoll, Markus Freericks:
An applicative real-time language for DSP-programming supporting asynchronous data-flow concepts,
in: Microprocessing and Microprogramming, Vol.32, No. 1-5 (August 1991 - Proceedings Euromicro '91), pp. 541-548

Alois Knoll, Achim Schweikard, Markus Freericks:
Eine datenflußorientierte, funktionale Programmiersprache für die Echtzeitdatenverarbeitung,
in: Prozeßrechensystem '91, Proceedings, Berlin, Februar 1991,
Springer Informatik-Fachberichte 269

Markus Freericks:
The nML Machine Description Formalism,
Forschungsberichte des Fachbereichs Informatik Nr.91-15, TU Berlin, 1991, 41pp.


Markus Freericks, Alois Knoll, Lawrence Dooley:
The Real-Time Programming Language ALDiSP-0: Informal Introduction and Formal Semantics,
Forschungsberichte des Fachbereichs Informatik Nr.92-26, TU Berlin, 1992, 80pp.

Lawrence S. Dooley, Alois C. Knoll, M.A. Wahab, Andreas Fauth, Markus Freericks:
A Novel Approach to the design of DSP Systems Using Minimum Complexity Finite State Machines,
1992 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS'92)

Markus Freericks:
The nML Machine Description Formalism (updated Version 1.2),
in: ESPRIT-II Project 2260 SPRITE Progress Report (Incl. Addendum 2 to T.A. 3) for Period June 1992-November 1992, Report No. PR-4.2, 1. Dec. 1992, Author: SPRITE Consortium, Editor: Patrick Pype (Project Manager)


Markus Freericks, Alois Knoll:
Formally Correct Translation of DSP Algorithms Specified in an Asynchronous Applicative Language,
1993 International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP'93), Minneapolis, April 27-30, 1993

Markus Freericks, Alois Knoll:
Writing and Compiling DSP Algorithms in an Asynchronous Applicative Language,
International Conference on Signal Processing '93 (ICSP'93), Beijing

Andreas Fauth, Markus Freericks, Alois Knoll:
Generation of Hardware Machine Models from Instruction Set Descriptions,
in: VLSI Signal Processing, VI, Eggermont (eds), IEEE Signal Processing Society, 1993

Frank Löhr, Andreas Fauth, Markus Freericks:
SIGH/SIM - An Environment for Retargetable Instruction Set Simulation,
Forschungsberichte des Fachbereichs Informatik Nr.93-43, TU Berlin, 1993, 33pp.


Stephan Rebbelmund, Andreas Fauth, Markus Freericks:
The Inspector Tool
in: ESPRIT-II Project 2260 SPRITE Final Report, etc.pp.

Markus Freericks, Andreas Fauth, Alois Knoll:
Implementation of complex DSP systems using High-Level Design Tools,
in: Signal Processing VI: Theories and Applications,
M. Holt, C. Cowan, P. Grant, W. Sandham (Eds.), pp. 1329-1332,
(Proceedings of EUSIPCO-94, 7th Europ. Signal Processing Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 13-16 Sept. 1994)


Markus Freericks, Andreas Fauth, Alois Knoll:
A Basic Semantics for Computer Arithmetic,
Technischer Bericht 94/6, Technische Fakultšt, Universitšt Bielefeld

Andreas Fauth, Johan Van Praet, Markus Freericks:
Describing Instruction Set Processors Using nML (Extended Version),
to be published in: Proceedings of the EDC'95 (Europ. Design Conf.)


Markus Freericks:
Design and Implementation of a Partial Evaluation-Based Compiler for an Asynchronous Realtime Programming Language
Dissertation, Universitšt Bielefeld, 1997

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