The acronym stands for ``Applicative Language (for) DIgital Signal Processing''. For those interested in computer-linguistic prehistory: The initial project designation (i.e., the name I had chosen ;-) was MARPL (Modular Applicative Real-Time Language), but my supervisor decided otherwise. If you encounter any document with my name on it that refers to the old name, you have found a rarity!

I learned about keeping backups the hard way -- by accidentially destroying the TeX sources of the Diplomarbeit while performing house-keeping tasks on my trusty old Atari ST. Of course, the only backup was months old, since I had recycled the newer backups for their media.

The contents of this report is not very current; the semantic model has been rewritten in the last years.The current, up-to-date, never-to-change-again semantics can be found in my PhD thesis. (Soon to be available in every major university library. I hope.)