AL-2: Synopsis

After 3 years of work on a compiler for ALDiSP, enough new ideas have accumulated for a major overhaul of the language. The current working name is AL-2. Ideas abound; the most central one is to abandon the suspension model of control and revert to a more traditional stream-based semantics. Since AL-2 will also enjoin a static type system, the liguistic gap between our product and the competition (i.e., LUSTRE, SILAGE, SIGNAL) shrinks somewhat.

Ideas & Concepts

Now, what are the new and improved ideas and concepts which AL-2 is to provide? Here are a few:

AL-2: Documents

The latest incarnation of the ``standard AL-2 description'' is "An Introduction to The AL-2 Signal Processing Language: A Successor to ALDiSP" (91 k dvi, 193 k ps).

This describes the core of the language; a lot of the nifty features of ALDiSP that I originally planned to migrate to AL-2 in some fashion have been thrown out of the language (or deferred to extension layers), leaving a bare-bones signal-flow formalism that should be usable as an compiler's intermediate representation. The ``definition'' is not very complete, as can be seen from the list of open questions that can be found in the first section.

A few text documents on implementation considerations, syntax, etc.pp. have accumulated. I don't put these on the net, they would be too confusing for the unwary reader. (It is a much better idea to mail me with any questions you might have!)

The earliest document that at least tries to be complete and readable is probably the initial collection of half-done ideas.

See also my List of Publications.

Under Development...

All kinds of internal stuff can be found in this subtree. Actually, this is my first attempt at HTMLized project documentation. Lets see how it works out.
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