ac: Synopsis

What did you expect? A compiler for ALDiSP, obviously. Centerpiece is an abstract interpreter (derived by beefing up a "standard" interpreter manually derived from the very semantics of the language) that generates code attributes which are then used by a reconstrcution phase to piece together the final program. The whole shebang is an instance of a "partial evaluation" technique.

ac: Documents

Some slides made for a presentation made in 1990, stored as a compressed TeX DVI file (10k). [For those of you reading this from TU Berlin Mosaic: xdvi takes a long time to display them, since it can't find some of the fonts.] Tough luck if you don't understand German.

Current State of my PhD thesis. If you can't access it, you have catched me editing! You can access a DVI version or a PostScript version.

There is an unfinished document that proposes an abstract aldisp machine. The ALDiSP page in the Forschungsführer Informatik.

See also my List of Publications.

If you are interested in partial evaluation, send me a mail; I might compile a page with a short introductory article and some references.

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