This Page Sucks!

Well, not this page, but when I stumbled upon the Page of Internet Fame, i had to create a special place to honour it. Goddess! People tell me my pages look like shit, but that thing goes beyond all I would dare to put on the 'web. Ungrammatical HTML markup, some strange words and numbers that look like a script gone awry, a header and a footer that are each bigger than the meager "contents" between them, and identical, to boot! The finishing touches: the site has the unbelievably sleazy name "", and it seems to run on an MSDOS-based system - the page name ends in ".htm"

(Yes i know, there are already "worst of the web" contests, but I wanted to formalize what is needed to push all my buttons simultaneously. About the only things they let out was calling it the "Page of InformationSuperHighway Fame" ;-)

This page is part of the Rant Space.