Newsgroups: comp.text.sgml
From: (Yuri Rubinsky)
Subject: First Freeware SGML Viewer for the World Wide Web
Keywords: SGML WWW Mosaic SoftQuad Panorama
Organization: SoftQuad Inc., Toronto, Canada
Date: 17 May 1995 17:09:11 MET
The US National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), creators of the Mosaic World Wide Web browser, Synex Information AB of Stockholm, Sweden, and SoftQuad Inc, of Toronto Canada are pleased to announced the availability of SoftQuad Panorama, a freeware viewer for full SGML on the Web. In addition, Panorama employs some of the linking capabilities made possible through HyTime, and is the first end-user HyTime application in the world (to the best of our knowledge). It also supports TEI pointers for linking, CALS tables, and use of an SGML DTD for stylesheets. (SoftQuad and Synex have already committed to supporting DSSSL Light when it becomes available.)

The current version runs only on Microsoft Windows; others will follow soon.

The software, including online manual, a set of DTDs, stylesheets and table-of-contents-generators called navigators, may be reached through

OCLC, the Online Center for Library Computing, host of a new suite of SGML Web resources and demos curated by SoftQuad, is the first site licensee of the commercial version of the software, called SoftQuad Panorama PRO.

The NCSA has agreed to host an "SGML on the Web" page, which will contain pointers to a variety of SGML resources, but, in particular will act as the SGML equivalent of the NCSA/GNN What's New Page, the announcement board for interesting new Web sites. That address is:

A .html file at the same site makes that information available to people without an SGML viewer too.

If you have SGML content to put up on the Web, please fill out the form attached to the WebSGML page.

For further information, please contact

In some senses, SGML on the Web is an experiment in which we all get to take part. Synex and SoftQuad have provided the first generation of technology for the experiment; NCSA has provided technical support and critical encouragement through a Memorandum of Understanding for co-operative development with SoftQuad.

Of course we'll remain heavily involved, but now it's up to all of you to try the new capabilities out; put up interesting content; push the edges of what full-blown SGML and the Web can do together.


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