Newsgroups: comp.text.sgml
Date: 14 Mar 1995 18:06:06 MET
From: Rick Jelliffe <>
Subject: Announcement: ERCS on WWW available now
The latest proposals for ERCS (Extended Reference Concrete Syntaxes) for SGML are now available on:

ERCS is being developed now in collaboration with members of SGML Open (character set committee), with the SPREAD DOCP group (Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, US, including WG8J representation), and with help from various interested professionals in Japan, Singapore and Australia. It uses ISO 10646 as a character catalog; subsets (repertoires of specific national character sets) are derived to form specific ERCS concrete syntaxes.

ERCS will result in a set of concrete syntaxes, suitable for reference by public identifier in the SGML declaration. ERCS will support native- language tagging for East Asian documents, though any non-English-language- document users may find it relevant.

All comments and discussion are sought and welcome. Resolving how ISO 8879 can (or must be reformed to) support East Asian documents is the most pressing and important technical issue for SGML.

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