Newsgroups: comp.text.sgml
Date: 22 Feb 1995 14:12:40 MET
From: James Clark (
Subject: SP 0.3 available

Version 0.3 of SP, my new SGML parser, is now available for anonymous
ftp from in the directory /pub/sp.  New features in
this release include:

- Much more non-ESIS information is provided by the parser.  In
particular the parser now provides all the information in the DSSSL
view of an SGML document (as defined in the DSSSL DIS).  This is
currently available only at the C++ level; nsgmls outputs the same
information as before.

- An SGML normalizer, called spam (for SP Add Markup), that exploits
this extra information.

- Support for HTTP (Unix only): system identifiers can use URLs
starting with http:.

- A new simple parser-independent API that provides an alternative to
SP's native API for applications that do not require much information
beyond ESIS.

- Support for Microsoft Visual C++ 2.0 (thanks to Glenn Adams for his
work on this).

Few bugs were found in version 0.2, so I'm calling this a beta

More information about SP is available at

James Clark

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