The Arabian Nights

This is the "original" translation of the Arabian Nights into English, made by Sir Richard Francis Burton. You can get the "flat" ASCII text from a gopher server). I have HTML'ed the text and split it up to make it better readable. For those who don't mind spoilers, there is also an annotated table of contents.

Intro Story

The Tale Of The Bull And The Ass

The Fisherman And The Jinni

The Tale Of The Ensorceled Prince

The Porter And The Three Ladies Of Baghdad

The First Kalandar's Tale

The Second Kalandar's Tale

The Third Kalandar's Tale

The Eldest Lady's Tale

The Tale Of The Three Apples

Tale of Nur Al-Din Ali and his son Badr Al-Din Hasan

The City Of Many-Columned Iram And Abdullah Son Of Abi Kilabah

The Sweep And The Noble Lady

The Man Who Stole The Dish Of Gold Wherein The Dog Ate

The Ruined Man Who Became Rich Again Through A Dream

The Ebony Horse

The Angel Of Death With The Proud And The Devout Man

Sindbad The Seaman And Sindbad The Landsman

First Voyage Of Sindbad Hight The Seaman

The Second Voyage Of Sindbad The Seaman

The Third Voyage Of Sindbad The Seaman

The Fourth Voyage Of Sindbad The Seaman

The Fifth Voyage Of Sindbad The Seaman

The Sixth Voyage Of Sindbad The Seaman

The Seventh Voyage Of Sindbad The Seaman

The Lady And Her Five Suitors

Khalifah The Fisherman Of Baghdad

Abu Kir The Dyer And Abu Sir The Barber

The Sleeper And The Waker

Story Of The Larrikin And The Cook

Aladdin; Or, The Wonderful Lamp

Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves


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