The Brain-Page

Hi! I am (== Markus Freericks, but don't try to pronounce it; many people call my "mfx"). I am senior programmer at Das Büro am Draht; I am also proud owner of a PhD in computer science, something that most people i know try to abstain from making too many jokes about. (I have also won the 1st place in the 1st Kaiserlautern Shortest C Contest, Category "most perverse solution", and I have been an ordained Reverend of the Universal Life Church since 1995).

My dear friend and colleague Mika Alakustekin (I wouldn't try to pronounce that, either) wrote a game called "Hit the Brain", in which he

  1. demonstrates his abilities with Flash 4 and
  2. tries to promote a nickname of his for me ("the brain"), which, as far as i know, is not much in use by anyone else; but as i am as vain as the next guy, i won't try to stop it.
If you have found this page, you will have seen the game; I hope you enjoyed it!

For those of you interested in me, Mika, or the place we work at, here are a few links: